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Parents with girls or boys interested in playing basketball in the 4th, 5th, or 6th grade, will have 2 registration options this year, recreational and athletic.  Parents must choose ONE of these options.  There are descriptions of each of the programs below.  If you have any questions on which program may be right for your child, you can contact us at terraceparkrec@gmail.com or get in touch with your coach from last year for help.


The Recreational basketball program is designed as an intermediate program for those kids who want to play basketball but in a less competitive environment with less of a time commitment. The focus is to provide games where they can develop their skills at their own pace.

2 Practices for 1 hour per week.

Season is 10 games.

Kids must play at least 2 quarters or equal playing time if more than 10 players / team.

Pre Season and Post Season Tournament

Cost is $100


The Athletic option is designed for those players who are interested in a higher level of competition beyond the existing recreational format. Players are expected to place basketball as the priority during the season and are expected to attend ALL practices and games. This option will expose kids to a greater level of competition across the league against teams whose players were selected from a tryout format. Therefore, in order to ensure that the elevated level of competition is appropriate, your child may be subject to an assessment and requested to play in the recreational division.

2 Practices for 1 hour per week.

Season is 20 games.

Games will cover a larger geographic area so expect more travel.

Playing requirement is only 1 quarter or 6 minutes per game.

2 to 3 tournaments depending on coach.

If for any reason, an Athletic option for a given age/gender is not formed, refunds will be issued and kids will be automatically signed up for the Recreational option.

6th Grade Athletic will be merged with Mariemont for both boys and girls.

Cost is $140