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Q. Who is eligible to sign up for Athletic?

A. 4th, 5th and 6th grade boys and girls only. All other grades will remain the same with regular rec.


Q.  Why did we add the athletic option and not just go back to rec only signups?

A.  The CPYBL offers 6 different levels of competition.  This is different than almost any other sport played within our recreation association.  Our goal in allowing the athletic option is to try to find the right level of competition for each player in our program where players are not only challenged, but also can experience success.


Q.  Which league is right for my child?

A.  We are allowing parents to make this determination.  First, we would recommend you consider what your child’s interest is in playing a lot of basketball at a very competitive level.  Next, consider the time commitment as the athletic league will have 20 games and much more travel as you most likely will be playing teams from Oak Hills, Hamilton, Middletown, Lakota, Sycamore and others.  Also consider your child’s skills development.  Referees will be calling the games closer at this level and also the minimum playing requirement is different.  Players in the athletic league are guaranteed only a 1 quarter minimum vs. at least 2 quarters in the recreational division. 


Q.  If you take the best kids off the recreational teams, will they be able to compete.

A.  These teams will be playing in the recreational division where we feel our teams will still be competitive.  Previously, these teams competed in the High Rec divisions.


Q. Will there be a cost difference between athletic and recreational leagues?

A. Yes. The Athletic option will have a higher registration fee. The cost difference is based on referee fees for 10 extra games and the higher league fees that will be charged by CPYBL.


Q. What happens if 20 people sign up for the athletic league?

A.  In theory, the athletic league has no limit on teams we can enter so we could enter 2 teams.  In practice however, the athletic league is going to be a very competitive league made up of kids who were selected from an assessment, so these teams may have a very difficult time competing.  If we have a large amount of registrations for the athletic league in a particular grade, then we will have third party evaluators come to a practice to assess the players skills.  They will make recommendations on which league they feel players would be better suited.  If a player moves from the athletic to the recreational league, a refund will be given for the cost difference.


Q.  Will there be tryouts?

A.   There are no tryouts for the athletic league.  However, if we have a large amount of registrations for a particular grade, you can see how the assessment process will work above.


Q.  What happens if only 4 players sign up for the athletic league?

A.   These 4 players will be moved to the recreational league and place on teams in that division. Refunds will be given for the difference in costs.